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“There are followers and there are leaders. Leaders drive the agenda.  They create standards.  They create new categories. They fundamentally change the way customers live, work, and play.  All leaders have a story.  What’s your story?”

Rich Phillips

Founder and President, Bold Narratives

Rich Phillips began his career as a communication consultant at the White House. He was interested in anti-poverty policy and education. He wanted to change the world. But he quickly learned that no solution is viable – in public policy, in business, or in life – without a strong, communication strategy.

Words matter. You cannot win customers without a strong, clear, relevant story that is memorable and trustworthy. You cannot build an ecosystem to support a new idea without communicating the relevant value, benefit, or promise.

For more than 25 years, Rich Phillips and his team have helped companies, non-profits, and government leaders build leadership momentum for products, services, and ideas. Clients have included hundreds of startups, small businesses, and large enterprises including Boeing, the Environmental Protection Agency, the European travel Commission, Honeywell, The Lego Group, Lockheed, NASA, and The Republic of Egypt. We have helped launch products, re-position companies and craft a vision for the exploration of Mars.

Over the years, the team has developed proprietary strategies for branding, messaging, and positioning focused on fostering a unique and compelling leadership identity. There are eight distinct leadership identities that govern an organization’s potential influence and role in the world. This underlying framework guides every customer engagement we do.

BoldNarratives℠ is a global consulting firm helping organizations establish their leadership identity by crafting and communicating a bold and courageous story to move markets and change the world. We help companies focus on defining a strategic direction and bold vision to build brand integrity and establish market momentum. We help companies create a narrative of distinction differentiating themselves in the market resulting in a strong position and competitive advantage.

Our work helps foster a culture of innovation, aligning a company’s vision with its corporate values to attract, motivate, and retain exceptional employees. Ultimately, we help companies create a powerful story that broadens their influence in the world, establishing a trusted reputation that enables them to drive an agenda for growth.

Because a bold and courageous story always wins.
Let us help you tell your story.


What is your company's leadership identity?
How do you craft and communicate a compelling story?
Why is your vision critical to building leadership momentum?

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