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Bold Story

The world has changed. Competition is crowding out your message. Your products and services are superior, but your message is old and uninspiring. Competition is poaching your best employees. Investors are losing confidence.

Our signature service, Bold Story, is a comprehensive and proprietary framework for strategic messaging that helps organizations identify a powerful and distinct market position including core value propositions and a vision for the category.

Our recommendations are based on first-person customer research, competitive analysis, and market insights and include an actionable plan to create leadership momentum.

A bold story and strategy can help your company win customers and grow again. By articulating a vision that customers can share, you can position your company as the de facto leader and drive greater value and brand loyalty.  

Bold Story
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  • We talk to your customers and partners to gain clear insight into how your stakeholders perceive your organization, the problem you solve, and the value you bring to their lives
  • We conduct a thorough competitive analysis aimedat identifying language trends and opportunities for differentiation
  • We develop a messaging platform that acts as the foundation for all internal and external communication as a catalyst for change and growth
  • We deliver to you an actionable plan integrating corporate, marketing, and sales strategy together with tactical program recommendations aimed at driving integrity with customers, partners, and investors
Bold Story
branding and identity

Bold Brand

Your corporate brand is obsolete. Your product name is no longer relevant. Your product has changed to keep up with demand, but your brand is old and misunderstood.

A brand is more than your personality; it is a promise to your customer, the embodiment of what you stand for, and the measure of your values and integrity.

Bold Brand is a proven process developed over 25 years that helps an organization identify the ideal company or product name and its brand attributes aligned with your vision and position.

  • We identify the ideal brand attributes for your organization to maintain and secure a competitive position in the market and build trust with your customers
  • We generate more than 100 brand candidates and then test each candidate for relevance, differentiation, memorability, and availability, delivering the top five candidates based on your unique corporate profile
  • We deliver a comprehensive go-to-market playbook and brand communications plan aimed at reaching new audiences and retaining existing customers
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Thought leadership and benchmarking

Bold View

Your value is not well understood. Customers and partners are looking for strategic direction and your competitors are leading the way providing a more compelling vision with data to support their leadership position. The problem you solve is unclear.

Thought leadership is a strategic tool enabling companies to advance a leadership agenda and strengthen customer relationships. One of the most powerful thought leadership tactics is the opinion poll. Opinion polls can be shared with traditional media and through social media to build community support or simply create word-of-mouth around a perspective or idea.

With Bold View, we help you identify an issue to own that matters to your customer and stakeholders.

Bold Story
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  • We help you identify a thought leadership issue you can own and influence that will support your organizational goals and growth objectives
  • We leverage the Qualtrics XM platform to build a survey instrument and reach your target audience based on proven research methodologies
  • We deliver a comprehensive end-to-end solution including research design, survey, panel selection, implementation, and a final report with reusable graphics for social marketing, survey distribution, and marketing


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Why is your vision critical to building leadership momentum?

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