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Strategic Communication Services for Aviation and Space

Air and space together are the next great platform for growth driven by private space launch systems, drones, eVTOLs and the rise of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), advances in software-defined satcom and satellite technology, and space exploration.

The visionaries and leaders driving this revolution foresee a future where air and space is no longer a destination but an integral part of our daily lives, enhancing Earth's economy, environment, and humanity's destiny.

For more than 20 years, the team at Bold Narratives has helped aviation and space companies lead the world by helping them develop a communication strategy and messaging platform for growth and leadership.

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An array of strategic satellites form a network in low earth orbit.

Selected Air and Space Case Studies

Media strategy and support for inaugural launch of Falcon I at Kennedy Space Center
Integrated messaging platform for Human Exploration and Operations including Artemis, ISS, and the Journey to Mars
Created and managed alliance to drive policy and best practices with Boeing, Lockheed, and Aerojet Rocketdyne
Global branding and messaging for satellite communications leader leading to purchase by Honeywell
Communication strategy and messaging platform for Space Launch System and Starliner (formerly CST-100)
Executive vision and thought leadership messaging campaign for CEO
National communications strategy for Curiosity mission and bi-annual influencer benchmarking with NASA
Communication strategy and differentiated messaging campaign for Orion
Vision campaign for AI-driven drone and eVTOL operations in support of urban air mobility
Paul Domorski, Chief Executive Officer, Artel

“EMS Technologies was an early leader in in-flight communications enabling Wi-Fi onboard aircraft for the first time. As CEO of EMS Technologies, I wanted to get our story of innovation out there. Rich and his team helped us craft a message and strategy resulting in a Forbes feature article and National Press Club press conference. With their help, we were able to get ahead of the competition and position EMS as the leader. Our story was strong and Rich and his team helped us tell the world.”

Paul Domorski
CEO, Artel, LLC and former CEO of EMS Technologies, Inc.

“I’ve worked with Rich and his team as an advisor and mentor for more than 15 years and I have seen firsthand how his model for strategic communication and messaging has helped aviation and space companies become leaders in their markets. In a world where differentiation is paramount, he understands the need to create a compelling story and vision that drives brand integrity and growth.”

Jayant Ramakrishnan
Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Bastion Technologies
Headshot of COO of Bastion Technologies, Jayant Ramakrishnan
Janet Ivey-Duensing
CEO and Founder of Janet's Planet

“Richard Phillips possesses an exceptional talent for strategic messaging and positioning, bolstered by his profound expertise in thought leadership, research, and branding. I personally have had the pleasure to serve alongside Rich as a board member for Explore Mars and he epitomizes succinct thought with a direct and decisive approach. Richard has years of experience drafting and executing unbiased polls and crafting compelling narratives for aerospace organizations that effectively convey their vision to the world. There is no doubt that Richard's transformative approach will equip space companies and aerospace organizations with the strategies and tools to help them tell the captivating stories that shape the future of the industry.”

Janet Ivey-Duensing
CEO and Founder of Janet's Planet

Market Segment Knowledge and Experience

Boeing future aircraft designs in flight.
NASA AI-powered humanoid robot
Artificial Intelligence
Military helicopters with satellite capabilities in-flight
Artist rendering of human habitats on the moon's surface.
Habitats and Human Systems
Photo of Artemis I Orion spacecraft with the moon and Earth in background
Human Space Exploration
Firefly Aerospace rocket on the launch pad.
Launch Services and Systems
A man in a control room for spacecraft operations.
Next-Gen Ground Systems
Artist rendering of a spacecraft mining an asteroid.
Off-Planet Mining
A heat map of region of the earth based on satellite readings.
Remote Sensing
A Delta Airlines airplane with the symbol Wi-fi onboard
A satellite network in LEO above the earth.
Software-Defined Networks
Sierra Space's Dream Chaser Tenacity spacecraft in space.
Joby Aviation's eVTOL in flight
Urban Air Mobility
An array of strategic satellites form a network in low earth orbit.
Strategic Defense
thought leadership and insight

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